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No bandwidth costs for remote communication

Interview: Free broadband? Did we hear you right?...


Ground Players Tackle Bandwidth Optimization in an HTS World

NovelSat CMO Oscar Glottmann discusses continuous improvements in spectral efficiency...


Peacock Productions Delivers Nik Wallenda's Chicago Tightrope Walk with NovelSat NS3000 Modems

"So we used BISS encryption technology on the Ericsson encoders as well as using NovelSat modulators... We felt that approach provided multiple levels of encryption so people couldn’t accidentally end up recording the feed."...


Application of NovelSat technology on AFRICASAT-1a generates cost savings

MEASAT Satellite Systems has announced that customers on the AFRICASAT-1a satellite will now be able to benefit from additional cost savings given the successful test of 64APSKmodulation on the satellite’s high-powered pan-African beam....


NovelSat Announces New High-Bandwidth Efficiency DTH Solution

NovelSat has announce a new solution that will allow Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV service providers and teleports who provide DTH communication services to maximize the use of their satellite bandwidth....


NovelSat Provides Hope. FreeBand Solution For Free Satellite Video Contribution

Nbroadcasters no longer have to pay for satellite bandwidth every time they deploy a remote contribution unit within the footprint of their satellite distribution network...